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ALIGN IT is a Government-backed initiative established to tackle long-term issues faced by the IT sector. Supported by IT Professional employers and stakeholders across NI, the network is outlining strategies for close co-operation and growth throughout the sector. Our goal is to develop NI’s reputation as a world-class centre of excellence for IT and to build a skilled workforce of 50,000 professionals by 2018.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ALIGN IT?

ALIGN IT is an employer led, government backed organisation tasked with addressing the IT Skills gap in Northern Ireland.

How is ALIGN IT funded?

ALIGN IT is supported by Invest Northern Ireland (Invest Northern Ireland) and The Department of Employment and Learning (DEL) and funded via Collaborative Network through the e-skills uk Employers Board.

What is the programme?

The purpose of ALIGN IT is to represent the IT industry Skills needs to government and demonstrate collaboratively the areas where government can support and fund for maximum gain.

What types of activities are ALIGN IT engaged in?

ALIGN IT is looking at a range of possible solutions to address the skills issue in Northern Ireland. These look at potential solutions across short medium and long term and therefore some of the areas which are being actioned are:

- Conversion courses - both short term and medium term

- Apprenticeship schemes to bring individuals into IT directly from schools

- Additional alternative pathways into the profession

- Increasing the pipeline from traditional channels – such as Higher and Further Education courses

- Engaging further with students right back to Key Stage 2 to help change the negative perceptions
around IT and encourage girls into the profession

And many more...

What existing initiatives are there?

There are many exciting initiatives in the market which are working towards addressing this issue. Some examples are the Apprenticeship scheme run by DEL, the Assured Skills programme run by INI, the Software Professional Course, supported by DEL and delivered by Belfast Metropolitan College. And also a variety of “hobby” activities such as CoderDojo and Women Who Code which run regularly in a variety of locations. To find out about events in your area please get in touch at

How do I get involved?

Please contact the facilitators Sheila & Clair either via their direct contact details on the contact us page or at

Get Involved

ALIGN IT is an industry led initiative. In order to ensure success we need employers to engage, advise and support the programme. There are many ways to get involved from teacher sponsorship to guru lecture delivery to mentoring.

We’d love to have you onboard to ensure that the initiatves we run accurately address your needs and deliver real value into the sector.

Please contact Clair or Sheila at, we look forward to working with you.

Upcoming Events

Launch of ALIGN IT

Where: The Andrews Suite, Titanic Building, Belfast.

When: 8am- 10am Wednesday 9th

To attend and for further details please click here.

Showcase of existing funded training models

Where: Invest Northern Ireland

When: TBC

Showcase of Teacher support models – further details to follow

Where: Derry/Londonderry – location to be confirmed

When: May - final date to be confirmed

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